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Studio: Caballero Video

Divorce Court Expose 2 surpasses anything that has gone before in scorching, sizzling, everything goes, everything shows excitement! The characters depicted here are like the average in any American city. But in scene after scene of uncensored realism we see a different and shocking story. The young, beautiful wife in this case carries on an illicit sex affair with her handsome yoga teacher. Her husband, a secret cocaine addict, is impotent with her but a wild sex animal with black and blond prostitutes who invade their home throughout the day and night. Added to this is the wife's hunger for woman-to-woman sex, and her husband's molestations under the influence of drugs. The court hears it all, but you see it all! Sounds wild and hot? It's no wilder or hotter than what is actually taking place down the street from where you live. Or maybe next door. So the next time you plan on watching those dull, timid commercial court shows, switch it off and place this video in your DVD player. We guarantee a much better viewing experience!

Stars: Raquel, Jeanna Fine, Buck Adams, Robert Bullock, Randy Paul, Buddy Love, Honey Wilder, Rick Cassidy, Bill Margold, Cyndee Summers, Elle Rio, Sioban Hunter, Breeze Lane

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Eigenschaften, Klassiker

Unter-Kategorie(n): Neumodisch, 80er Jahre

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