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L**** S**

Studio: Coast to Coast

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Stars: Alexis Malone, Venus, Brooke Hunter, Trina Michaels, Monica Sweetheart, Audrey Hollander, Kyla Young, Brooke Haven

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Fetisch, Verrückt

Unter-Kategorie(n): Latex und Gummi, Fetisch

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Phase X
This is rubber slavery at its finest! Lady Cheyenne is a ferocious mistress and she has plans to turn the slave into a pretty rubber maid! He has no idea he’s about to make the transformation into a pathetic, rubber bitch! First, he is placed with his legs wide on the examination chair and then he gets a cock ring which is connected with an anal ball around his junk!
F*** W****** P*** A********* L****** F*** F*****
W****** f** t** f**** t*** e*** a** n****** b***** D*** D****** a** w****** b*** B****** b******** T**** t*** t* F*** W****** I* s t** a********* b** t**** t** l****** h****** c** t c****** t**** d****** a** s*** a*** a******* t*** c** t* e**** s*** s******** d**** l****** f*** f***** D*** d****** i* b**** l****** b***** b**** i* m*** t* w****** T**** s k*** h*** b**** a** s***** s******** A**** a l*** w****** s****** o* T**** s p****** b*** f*** w*** l*** o* s******* s*** a** t******* D*** s m*** t* g** T**** s p**** o** w*** h** f*** T**** s f*** g**** a** u***** w*** t** m*** a****** s**** o* t** s******** a** s****** w* v* s*** o* F*** W****** D*** i* r******* w*** t*** i* h** b******** p**** b******* h** t* c** a** o*** T**** s r** t*** T***** t* T** V******** f** p******** u* w*** s*** r** m****
Best Of Cuckold Fantasies POV 14
Four scenes of cuckolding depravity! Four luscious, young women turning you into their sissy bitch. The very best moments from POV Cuckold Volumes 48, 49, 50 and 51. Teen stepdaughter Alexa Nova sucks your scrawny dick until you agree to her serve her, fuck her and only her, and eat her boyfriend’s cum from her pussy. Alexa locks you in chastity so you’ll comply. She fucks her boyfriend while you watch. They mock you as they cum again and again before you have to suck out the resulting creampie. Big titted wife August Taylor coaxes you with a deep and sensual blow job until you agree to let her fuck other men. She humiliates you by making you wear her pantyhose. She slaps away your hands when you try to touch your dick, and then locks it in chastity. She returns from a date gushing multiple loads of cum from her pussy and you lick it all up!
Blowjob Queen
Juliette Captured And In Distress is back, with another great episode of her! Juliette, dressed with a very sexy evening dress and very heavy makeup on her eyes and lots of deep red lipstick on her lips, rings at the door of a man and she wants a blowjob lesson.

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