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D* B*** H****

Studio: U.S. Male

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Stars: Thomas Lee, Lee Cooper

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Gay - Schwule Jungs, BAREBACK

Unter-Kategorie(n): Schwul, Group Sex

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A Hard Fuck For Hairy Lincoln
Hairy and smooth make a great combo in this hard fuck with Lincoln and Daniel. But although different in that regard both have some impressive uncut cock to share with all that greedy sucking. It's just the start though, and when Daniel sinks his length into that ass and starts picking up the pace it's no wonder Lincoln spews a heavy load all over himself, before taking a splashing from his vigorous top!

With the population of 1928 New York City skyrocketing, the city outlaws sex between men and women. Underground clubs have cropped up where not everything is as it seems but everything is as you want. The men turn to the men for what they need—and that’s exactly what club owner Roman Todd is going to get from smooth and delectable Jacob Peterson.

Griffin Barrows is keeping off the streets where they’re policing who you can fuck. Roman Todd’s underground Prohibition Sexhibition is the best place for any man to get-off in these tough times. Jacob Peterson is willing to give Griffin the training he needs to get off low-key, working both the pole and the hole. Griffin is truly learning from the best in the biz.

It’s time for Griffin Barrows to meet the big boss of the city’s best underground Prohibition Sexhibition club Mr. Roman Todd himself. Jacob has trained him well, and he knows exactly how to make Roman cum.

Pig Week
At the Pig Week 2016, Victor Cody films bareback porn in front of a very enthusiastic live audience. Watch as Victor Cody directs Cesar Xes, Milan Gamiani, Kirby Kennedy , Ray Dalton, Sean Hunter & Brandon Taylor in a live sex performance that is being talked about today. It's the next best thing to being there and should have you looking for flights to Pig Week 2018!
O*** D***
T**** s a* o*** i********* t* a** h**** m** t** d*** t* D***** O**** w*** b* l*** o*** f** o** d** o*** H* s w****** j******** a** b******** o* a** h** s***** h*** w******** a******** t* a***** a** e******* t** o*** r*** i* n* c****** a** y*** l*** n**** t* f*** i** w** i***** o* p********* d*** i***** h** s*** t* b* g***** h*** T** h******* h**** y**** m** h** g**** h** c****** t* b* u*** b* c******** m** e***** o** a* a t*** o* a* m*** a* a***** a** a******* h* d**** t k*** w** t*** m** b* w* r* g**** t** a***** t* w**** e********* u***** b***** u* W*** b** d**** u**** o**** m** s s**** a* l*** a** t* m**** w**** D***** t***** m*** t*** d*** o* t**** s***** t* s*** r******* a** t** t****** a** g**** d**** c******* h** i****** t*** d** w*** b* t** d** D***** b****** t** c** s*** h* h** a***** w***** t* b* a**** h* s***** o** t** c** f*** h** h*** a** s******* a* m*** a* h* c** w***** r**** t* s***** h** o** f**** l*** f*** h** a******* s**** d***

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