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S** S***** O* S**** 2

Studio: VCX

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Stars: Jamie Gillis, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Terri Hall, John Seeman, Bonnie Holiday, Georgia Spelvin, Ken Scudder, Zebedy Colt, Lee LeMay

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Sampler, Klassiker

Unter-Kategorie(n): Best of, 70er Jahre

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Kylie's Family Album
Kylie has a gigantic sexual appetite and she can't stop having intercourse…with her own stepdaddy! The boys at school don't have a big cock like stepdad, so Kylie satisfies her lust at home! Included in this compilation are full versions of: "Forbidden Fruit", "Daughter With Benefits", "Little Cock Teaser", & "Full Moon Fever".
The Vices Of Women (English)
Since its first movies, Bourgeois women have been part of the Dorcel universe. In almost 40 years, they went from the status of rich women patiently waiting for their husbands in their manors and having some good time with their butlers to the status of strong independent women taking responsibility for their perversions. Here, Marc Dorcel gives you the opportunity to watch some of his most perverse bourgeois women.
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Classic footage of the hottest, sexiest women from the early days of adult entertainment! With this film you unlock the door to your imagination. Beyond it lies another dimension: A dimension of sex, a dimension of passion, a dimension of uncompromising eroticism. Experience the heart stopping action sequences, blistering sex and beautiful cast of "The Perfect Gift".
Swedish Erotica 22 - Large And Small

Number 22 from Swedish Erotica

The brides groom gets too at his stag party to satisfy his new wife on their wedding night, so two of his best men fill in for him, and she really likes the deal!

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