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Persia of Persia's stars in Ebony & Ivory. The movie begins with the curvy Persia sitting in her chair located outside by a pool. She begins to pleasure herself with a dildo and later reveals beads coming out of her moist pussy. Soon a white man begins to massage Persia's luscious body, lathering oil all over. In a matter of minutes Persia begins to suck the guy's dick. Out of nowhere a black man appears and Persia begins to suck his dick. Persia engages in a nice threesome and gets showered with cum at the end of the session.

Stars: Persia

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Alter, Verrückt, Orte, Verschiedene Rassen, Herkunft

Unter-Kategorie(n): Erfahrene Frauen, Alte Frauen, Sex draussen, Vermischte Rassen, Vermischte Rassen, Dicke Titten, Middle-Eastern, Pool/Hot Tub

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