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Mistress Ariel is an ultra cute brunette dominatrix who extenuates her curves with a nice long form-fitting latex dress. She has a submissive man ready to cum at the sight of her, and what does she do? Mistress Ariel teases this young man until no end. She has him pour lube all over her hot body as she proceeds to sit on his lap and stroke his hard dick. Every time he cums close she pulls away, whether she puts her lips on his dick, or walks away after she lets him grope her... Poor guy!

Stars: Mistress Ariel

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Fetisch, Oralsex, Verrückt, Masturbation, Orte, WEBSITE CONTENT, EXCLUSIVE MOVIES

Unter-Kategorie(n): Latex und Gummi, Blowjobs, Fetisch, Handjob Female on Male, Dungeon, Fetish, EXCLUSIVE MOVIES

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