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Studio: Girlfriends Films - Skow Digital

2014 XBIZ Award Winner for Best Actress for Couples Release - Marie McCray
2014 AVN Award Nominee for Best Drama

B. Skow continues his line of masterful boy/girl, plot-based movies for Girlfriends Films. This film has been nominated by AVN for Best Drama, as well as Best Actor (Steven St. Croix). Steven St. Croix delves deep into the darkest of a man's soul and delivers a performance beyond convincing in the form of party-hard super-star, Luke.

Luke, a sadistic, self-hating movie star who likes to push his lovers to the edge of breakdown, meets his match during a sex-fueled weekend bender, when he tangles with Cindy, a beautiful 22 year old who attempts to blackmail him with personal information spilled under the influence. Luke goes along with her gambit - seeing it as a way to fuck with her heady - only to discover that Cindy really does know his darkest secret: in a rage, he nearly killed his teenage girlfriend 18 years ago. The revelation comes even more shocking when Cindy delivers a mind-blowing twist that sends Luke reeling. Is she just playing him? Or is this karmic payback for all of Luke's prior sins? Truth Be Told, the answer's inside...

Stars: Kurt Lockwood, Tommy Pistol, Diana Prince, Marie McCray


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