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Studio: William Higgins Productions

Ivan Mraz came in for a spanking. He is shackled and gagged as his punisher, Ondra Radni, arrives. Ondra wastes no time in pleasantries. He quickly starts spanking Ivan's ass, with wood and hand. Then he spanks on the body as well. Taking the whip he beats on Ivan's body. Ivan moans each time. Milan Neoral is such a sexy guy. His handsome good looks are masked by a blindfold as he is shackled to a cross, wearing just a jockstrap. The punisher starts attaching clothes pins to Milan. They are placed on his arms, nipples and onto his abdomen. But the main focus is on pinning his cock and balls. The blindfold is removed, so we see that handsome face properly. The pins start to be removed, and he is slapped all over. When they are all removed, Milan is turned around and his ass gets spanked.

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Gay - Schwule Jungs, Alter, Aussehen, WEBSITE CONTENT, SPANKING

Unter-Kategorie(n): Schwul, College / Frat Studs, Uncut, Smooth, Gay, M on M

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