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F**** L**** P*** I*

Studio: Caballero Video

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Stars: John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Shauna Grant, Rose Lynn

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Eigenschaften, Klassiker

Unter-Kategorie(n): Neumodisch, 80er Jahre

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20 Questions
'Vivid' Newcomerin Meggan Mellone ist der neue Star am Pornohimmel! Und sie wird Euch genau jetzt auf direktem Wege in Eure Herzen ficken und blasen! Freut Euch schon mal auf jede Menge Anal's, Facials und alles, was den Saft sonst noch aus Eurem besten Freund heraussprudeln lässt! Diese grossartige Interview geführt vom coolsten Pornoschriftsteller Drek Montague dürft Ihr Euch auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen!
20 Questions
Vivid newbie Meggan Mellone is a rapidly rising star - porn star that is - fucking her way straight to the top. While interviewed by one of porndom's coolest writer, Derek Montague, she truly opens her legs and life for his magazine. As the interview heats up, Meggan abruptly excuses herself, telling Derek she will meet him at her place to finish the interview. Confused but enthused, Derek finds a big surprise when he arrives early and unannounced. What could it be? Hint: It involves three anals and a facial... Details inside!
Wet Evidence: The Case of The Missing Porn Star
This 1986 romp is a takeoff on the TV classic Dragnet. Kevin James stars and actually pulls off a competent impression of Jack Webb, delivering his lines with the staccato style that became Webb’s trademark. His right hand woman is played by Candie Evens, who brings her own prodigious skills to bear on the part. The plot concerns the mysterious disappearance of movie star Mike DeMarco, who’s vanished into thin air while filming a feature about terrorists. It seems that his script hit a little too close to home, and now some real-life terrorists have taken him captive. Along the way, Kevin and Candie find themselves getting involved in a wild subplot about a ravenous Reverend who spends most of his time checking out the amorous assets of his female parishioners. Candie is terrific in her supporting role, lending her sizable bra-busters to a couple of steamy sequences, including a lusty tryst with Erica Boyer early on. Candie even turns up in the grand finale, a crazed group grope in which the religious leader gets down and dirty with a whole host of hot-to-trot harlots. Fast paced and lasciviously light-hearted, this is a fun-filled romp that’s sure to satisfy fans of old-school hardcore.
The Insatiable Blair Family
In The Insatiable Blair Family (also known as Night Hunger), a traveler stopping in at a roadside tavern overhears the bartender telling a tale of the local Blair family, whose women have been cursed with an insatiable desire for sex. He decides to do a little investigating of his own.

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