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Studio: Marc Dorcel

After Prison (Lola Dream) and My Nights in Prison (Alexis Crystal), here is a third section devoted to the penitentiary universe and all the perversions that exist behind bars. Frank Vicomte today highlights the beautiful French Clea Gaulthier. Cléa interprets the role of a charming scammer who, inadvertently, is arrested and discovers the prison world. Intelligent and uncomplicated, Clea will quickly realize that the prison is an ideal place to manipulate his neighbor as he pleases. To improve her daily life and especially find a way out of this prison, she will not hesitate to step back from any perversions, no penetrations. Will the young French girl come to her ends?

Stars: Ridge, Thomas Crown

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Kleidung, Herkunft, Orte, Hardcore, INTERNATIONAL, FOR WOMEN, PLOT ORIENTED

Unter-Kategorie(n): Uniformen, Europäerinnen, Prison/Jail, Sex, France, Features, Features

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