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C****** T******* I* H***

Studio: Gentlemen's Video

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Stars: Anna Nova, Gen, Audrey Hollander, The Boys, Katelin

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Verrückt, CHARACTER

Unter-Kategorie(n): Sex, Teachers

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Public Agent Presents - Arian
I saw this babe walking towards a block of flats so I stopped her and started a conversation. I told her I was looking for models to be a part of our agency. She was a tourist in the country seeing some friends so she didn’t know if she’d be able to...but I managed to convince her with the help of a load of cash! We found a little spot in the building and she showed me her incredible body! Wow! She must work out…Anyway, I was so turned on, I had to ask her if she’d give me a blowjob right there and then. As soon as she saw that money, she took it from me! I had to keep an eye out though. She got on down and wrapped her moist lips around my cock! It wasn’t long though before I saw somebody coming so we had to get out there quick! We went to my car where she sucked me off a bit more before I flashed another load of cash in front of her…If she let me fuck her! She had a beautiful, hairy pussy! She got on top and started riding up and down my dick! I loved watching her tits bounce around! I got her on her back and finished by emptying my load all over her chest! -- Public Agent
James Deen's Sex Tapes - Off Set Sex 5

These porn stars are off the clock, but they still want to fuck. And they're ready for James Deen to fill their holes with cock. All natural babe, Riley Nixon, gives James a blowjob on a Las Vegas balcony before going inside to get her pussy fucked deep. This hotel maid walks in mid-way, almost catching the two in the act.

Big-boobed blonde, Ashlee Graham, explores a porn set with James, and finds a room, tucked away, where they can fuck and not be bothered. James eats her pussy until she cums, and then she sucks, bends over, and rides him, even swallows every drop of his cum!

Teen slut, Chloe Cherry, wakes up - horny - from a nap. She sees James nearby, and demands to suck his cock. Soon enough, he's fucking her pussy and finishing off with a creampie.

Brunette yoga babe, Sophia Grace, calls James over to check out her new apartment. She wants her throat drilled hard and her pussy fucked rough, and hot load of cum delivered in her mouth.

I Love My Teacher's Big Dick
These pretty students from the Alex Romero school of pussy have found the perfect way to get higher grades. They didn't know their teachers had such big dicks. Education was never quite like this! Staying after class was never SO HOT! Tight and horny student bodies are ready to suck in every inch of the "knowledge"!
Nadia And Velora Shrink And Eat You

You're really keen on making the school year all about you and not about learning. It's the second week and you're already not taking class seriously. Finally, your history teachers, Valora and Nadia White, have had enough of your behavior and call you to the front of the class room. As they're lecturing you, you start to check out their bodies. They get really mad and decide to discipline you the only way they've found effective.

You start to get lower and lower to the ground as your teachers get taller and taller. You start to feel a new sense of fear as Valora and Nadia start stomping on you with their high heel shoes. You try to run, but they block you in. Each time you realize that escape is no longer an option. Each teacher takes her turn taunting you with her nails, giant hands, and loud stomps from her heels. You're squished repeatedly while they humiliate you.

To make sure you don't tell anyone what happened to you, Nadia decides to hold you in her permanent detention; her stomach! She chews you up and swallows you whole.

We see the two teachers continuing their lesson with a now terrified classroom. You're still kicking and screaming so Nadia runs off to scold you with coffee.

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