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Studio: Trix Video

Penny and I (Hannah) are big time sluts and we are best when we meet at hotels and pick up strangers. I started licking Penny's tits and nipples and she did the same to my huge tits! We kissed for a while to taste the cum from a guy we fucked and sucked off earlier! We went down to the bar and brought this old guy back up and we took turns sucking his hard dick, balls and asshole and then we fucked him till he shot his load all over us. The next scene is from my house (my husband wasn't home) and Penny and I had a small orgy with some of the local guys. They shoot cum all over us, down our throats, in our mouths and YES... on my big tits! I really enjoyed rubbing that warm sperm all over my face and titties! Then we go to a hot tub and take turns eating ass and sucking more hard cocks and we even talked this guy into sucking my asshole clean (he didn't know it was full of sperm from earlier in the day!!... LOL) I think you will enjoy this video and when you shoot your cum, think of me and PLEASE, cum and see me, Love Ya! Hannah

Stars: Penny, Hannah

Haupt-Kategorie(n): Amateure, Gruppensex, Orte

Unter-Kategorie(n): Amateure deluxe, Flotte Dreier, Swinger, Hotel / Motel

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